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Smart light switch

The OSD smart light switch is a small plug&play board to connect a normal light switch and the connected lights to 6LoWPAN. Just put the board between switch and light to control it from any CoAP-capable IPv6 device.


  • red state LED
  • FTDI interface
  • button
  • 2x Optotriac 1.2 A
  • CPU temperature sensor
  • CPU voltage sensor
  • 2,4 Ghz 6LoWPAN wireless connection
  • AVR atmega128rfa1 wireless module

IP Connection

The integration into your IP network can be done using a RaspyEdge-Shield or a 6LoWPAN Edge Router. They are able to route IPv6 between the smart light switch and other network devices.

Like all of our devices the smart light switch uses CoAP on the application layer.

CoAP Resources

Resource GET PUT Comments
/.well-known/core X X Well-Known URIs
/info X - Name Version Information
/sensors/button X - Config Button
/sensors/swa X - Light Switch A
/sensors/swb X - Light Switch B
/sensors/cputemp X - CPU Temperature Status
/sensors/battery X - CPU Spannung Status mV
/actuators/led1 X X Status LED-1
/actuators/optriac X X TRIAC: ?type=a,b POST/PUT mode=on,off

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