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What is Domotics / Smart Home

Home automation (smart home) stands for technical solutions in private living space built from devices, systems and technologies for achieving more energy efficiency, comfort, cost effectiveness, flexibility and security. Other terms, which need not to mean exactly the same thing are: „eHome“, „Smart House“, „Smart Home“, „Smart Living“, „Elektronic House“, „Linked Building“, „Intelligent Building“ etc. There are also many proprietary names for it. One special case of intelligent living, which currently has much attention, is Ambient Assisted Living (AAL).

Practically home automation, household appliance automation and networking in consumer electronics is achieved by interconnecting:

  • building equipment and appliances (energy meter, burglar alarm, heating and light control etc.)
  • household appliances (stove, refrigerator etc.)
  • entertainment electronics (TV, VCR, Tuner, media server etc.)
  • Internet

with the help of bus systems (by wire, Powerline or Wireless) or direct radio links.

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