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Open Source Domotics

You found the Open Source Domotics Wiki. We are a group of people mostly based in Vienna, Austria and research, develop and promote open-hardware and open software solutions for Smart-Home applications. Please for now use the German-language section of this wiki until someone finds time and energy to translate the wiki into other languages.

Top10 Projects



In smart home area a room visualization is useful. The display and operation is enabled through a web browser. It can be spatially distributed sensors and their values ​​set or Displayed.


Merkur Breakoutboard

The Merkurboard is an Arduino-compatible Microcontrollerboard with an integrated Radio working at 2.4GHz ( IEEE-802.15.4 ) The Arduino Bootloader is preinstalled and you can use it from within the Arduini IDE. The Wireless Interface supports all protocols based on 802.15.4 such as Zigbee, 6LoWPAN and RF4ce.

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